“Build a solid team of people that you can trust to help you achieve your goals. You don’t know everything and you shouldn’t aspire to…"

Black Oakk is a team of visionaries that includes Tax Professionals, Realtors, Bankers, Hard Money Brokers, Insurance Brokers, Lawyers, etc..

Our goal is to create Millionaires and Trust-Fund Babies.  After years in the Banking and Finance industry I realized that majority of people that become millionaires do it by following a strategy.  There are numerous ways to achieve your goals and I’m here to share mine and help you develop and achieve yours.  I don’t have a get rich quick scheme but I did discover a process that requires Short-Term Sacrifice, a Long-Term outlook, and Determination to keep you Motivated to achieve your financial goals!

The First and most important step in the process is aligning yourself with professionals that can help you develop and achieve YOUR goals.  I’ll explain…

  • Optimizing your Tax Return – Most people pay too much in taxes.  This is money that can be utilized as a tool to create wealth!  Your income is your most important tool when building wealth so we have to make sure that every dollar is being utilized efficiently.
  • Asset Creation – A diversified portfolio of assets creates wealth! When I started my wealth journey I was living with my mom so I focused on building  up my Stock Portfolio (long-term investments) then I leveraged a portion of those savings to purchase my first home which later became the first asset in my Real Estate portfolio.
  • Generational Legacy – Asset Protection is a major Key!  While on my journey I became a father and everything changed for me.  It’s about me anymore and now I want to make sure my son doesn’t start from scratch like I did.  Now I’m in the process of setting up a trust to ensure that all my assets are protected from both the government (Medicare, IRS, State, etc.) and potential Ex-wives.

The Path

  1. Define your Goals
  2. Find someone with experience to help you develop a strategy to achieve your goal
  3. Create objectives that help you